Veteran DJ Tony Blackburn has said that the Beatles do not measure up to today's chart stars - because they did not dance on stage.

Tony, 69, told the Radio Times that the Fab Four "just stood there with guitars and sang".

"I actually think today's artists are better than those of yesteryear," he told the magazine.

"The Beatles and the (Rolling) Stones just stood there with guitars and sang. These days people like Rihanna can sing, dance and do everything."

The former breakfast show host, who was famously the first presenter on air when Radio 1 launched in 1967, also told the magazine that he had slept with around 500 women.

Asked whether he got halfway in Coronation Street star William Roache's tally of 1,000 women, Tony, who was previously quoted as saying that he had slept with 250 women, replied: "Yes, I'm not proud of it, but I was single in the Sixties.

"I'm happily married now and never once been unfaithful, so I'll never top William."

Tony said that he had been told he had a royal fan, in the form of the Prince of Wales.

"I'm reliably informed that Prince Charles always listened when I was on Radio London," he said.