YOUNG people in Crewe are being asked to consider the damage that excessive alcohol consumption can cause, as part of a new Cheshire Police initiative.

The Totally Wasted campaign aims to engage young drinkers through social media, encouraging them to reflect on the cost of alcohol to themselves, their families, public services and communities.

The campaign comes after police in Wistaston launched a targeted crackdown on youth drinking during the school holidays.

A Cheshire Police spokesman, said: “Since the launch of our Totally Wasted campaign, we hope to see a change in young drinker’s attitudes.

“We are not asking people to stop drinking, but to watch how much they are drinking in a short space of time. The dangers of binge drinking at a young age can lead to early signs of alcohol harm.”

In the run up to Christmas, different elements of the Totally Wasted campaign will look at how excess alcohol consumption can ruin a person’s evening, looks, time, money and ultimately – their life.

Totally Wasted will ask young people to consider the ‘trigger’ - or cause - of getting drunk, and ask how behaviours could be changed so they can enjoy a night out without the influence of alcohol.

The campaign supports Alcohol Awareness Week between November 19-25.

Cheshire Police want young people to get involved on social media networks. For more information, go to or