RESIDENTS in Shavington have joined forces with Crewe police and local authorities to say ‘no’ to cold callers and doorstep criminals.

The parish council, Cheshire East Council and the Consumer Protection and Investigations Team, is backing the town’s third ‘No Cold Calling Zone’ on the Park Estate.

Residents agreed they didn't want unexpected doorstep callers, and that the scheme would help them reinforce their wish.

Shavington Neighbourhood Policing Team’s PC Dan Sambrook said: "While most people are genuine callers, a small number who turn up uninvited have criminal intentions and this scheme helps to empower residents to refuse to let them in.”

Signs have been placed on lampposts in the designated No Cold Calling Zone, and window stickers are clearly displayed in the windows of houses taking part.

The street signs and stickers clearly warn unexpected callers that they are not welcome.

Bone fide visitors, such as meter readers for utility companies, co-operate with the scheme by rearranging appointments for a time when the resident isn't on their own.

PC Sambrook said: "Not only does this help to protect vulnerable residents from those trying to force them to have unwarranted work carried out at inflated prices, it also prevents them from becoming a victim of distraction burglars."