Though some say romance is a dying art, our forefathers obviously had love on their mind when naming the places they founded. 

Valentines Gardens in Bognor Regis, Wedding Drive in Welbeck and Gate in Burton Pidsea are just some of the places gifted with heart-warming names down the centuries.

And now, to celebrate Valentine's Day, the AA has released a 'top ten' of romantic place names across the country, that each reveal a romantic connection to their past.

They are:

1. Lovesome Hill near Northallerton
2. Lover in Wiltshire
3. Hearts Delight in Kent
4. Loversall near Doncaster
5. Loves Green in Essex
6. Lovington in Somerset
7. Love Clough in Lancashire
8. Lovedean in Hampshire
9. Lovegroves in Basingstoke
10. Wedding Hall Fold in North Yorkshire

But the real question is, can you think of any local places or streets that have love at the heart of their names? We are keen to hear from you if so.

Send in your suggestions, and pictures if you have them, to