THE Green Party remain the only political party with parliamentary representation to oppose HS2.

They believe any benefits of the line reducing air travel would be outweighed by what they see as an adverse affect on the Cheshire countryside.

A spokesman said: “Although in theory it might get people off short-haul flights, this is outweighed by the negatives, especially the destruction of large swathes of countryside and large increases in carbon emissions owing to the higher speeds.

“The claimed economic benefits for the north will not materialise - even if we could tell what will be happening in the economy in 20 years’ time.

Studies in countries that have already built high-speed lines, such as France and Spain, show that the benefits have gone mostly to the capital.”

The party believe it is ‘wealthy business people who have been clamouring for this line, and it is mostly wealthy people who would use it.’

The spokesman continued: “The rest of us would suffer the effects. The cost is gigantic, and if the government seriously want to invest £33 billion - probably an underestimate - in transport, it would be far better spent improving public transport now, not in 20 years’ time."

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