PEOPLE with Autism and Asperger syndrome in South Cheshire are being offered help to improve their social skills as part of a new NHS scheme.

NHS South Cheshire will support the delivery of courses from The National Autistic Society - for an initial period of one year.

The scheme, known as ‘Social Eyes’ is a new approach to learning social skills and strategies, primarily suitable for people with Asperger syndrome.

The course can help adults and adolescents to have more awareness when interacting in social situations by focusing on eight social skills, including starting a conversation, eye contact, keeping on topic, sensitive topics and personal space.

Freya-Raine Hall from The National Autistic Society said: “Social eyes doesn’t ask people to change 'inappropriate' social behaviour or acquire social skills by copying the 'typical' behaviour of others. “Instead it gives people the option of learning skills or alternative strategies and explores the usefulness of these through the social understanding behind them.”

The course will run for 16 sessions, with two hourly classes every other week.

For further information on how to book onto the course visit: or contact Freya-Raine Hall or Lesley Martin on 0161 945 3341.