A PENSIONER whose family worked on the railways during World War Two is hoping to help salvage a forgotten memorial.

Peter Hill, from Crewe, is disappointed a memorial to railway workers who died during the wars has become overgrown at its site at Christ Church on Prince Albert Street.

The 68-year-old remembers the memorial when it was positioned on Gresty Road and, after seeing a story in the Guardian regarding Cheshire East’s £100,000 funding for memorials, would like to see the railway memorial restored.

“There’s a war memorial that has been sadly forgotten,” he said. “If you look through the railings you will see the railway memorial.

“It was moved there from Gresty Road, up the bank by the goods yards, but unfortunately Crewe seems to have forgotten its railway history, now the church is closed so in my opinion it should be moved.

“It’s been sadly neglected since it moved, all of our family apart from me worked on the railway. My grandfather worked during the war and although he wasn’t killed there are many that were.”

Mr Hill is always pleased to see people paying their respects at sites such as Memorial Hall, but would like the train drivers, engineers and other railway workers to be among those remembered.

“During Remembrance Sunday there were always wreaths put there,” added the former Rolls Royce employee.

“As far as I’m aware when they closed the goods sheds it was moved from there to Christ Church Gardens.

“It’s very overgrown, but you can just about see it by looking through the fence.”

Cheshire East Council said each memorial awarded a grant is a result of a request made by community groups such as the Royal British Legion or parish councils, bids are then decided upon by the Council.