CREWE Town Council has given a cautious welcome to the proposals for a new railway system in Crewe.

It told the Guardian It acknowledges the potential economic benefits from HS2 should a national decision be taken to go ahead with the scheme and that a station at Crewe would then be a vital component of the network if the town is to gain.

Clr Kevin Hickson, town council leader, said: “The proposals are ambitious and I welcome that ambition.

“Radical change is always difficult as it is unsettling but we need to have bold plans if we are going to have a healthy local economy.

“There are some concerns with the details of the scheme.

“The lack of consultation prior to going to the press was disappointing as the town council is the voice for Crewe.

“The town council calls on Cheshire East to divulge more information about why specific tram stops and bus routes were identified to see if they really do meet the transport needs of the town.

“I call on Clr Michael Jones to answer unambiguously the question, will the existing Crewe station continue to be used as a railway station where passengers can board trains direct to as many destinations as they do now?”

Clr Hickson added it was essential that the town has a ‘genuinely integrated local transport system’ which meets people’s needs.

“In order for that to happen there must be more consultation with the public than has so far been the case,” he said.

“The number of railway bridges also poses a problem and schemes to widen some of these such as Earle Street and the one over Crewe Station are essential if we are to improve access and traffic flow.”