CHESHIRE Fire and Rescue Service is supporting the first National Sprinkler Week, and is encouraging landlords and housing associations to consider retro-fitting sprinklers in properties where people are most at risk from fire.

The national campaign will be launched at the House of Commons on February 3, running for seven days.

It will raise awareness about sprinklers and focus on the protection they provide, not only to lives but also property and livelihood.

Keith Brookes, head of community fire protection, said: “No lives have been lost in the UK due to fire in domestic homes fitted with domestic sprinkler systems.

“Sprinklers protect against the real cost of fires on people, communities, property, business sustainability, the environment and the economy.”

Staff from the Service will be engaging with a number of local businesses, social housing landlords and schools in the area, raising the profile of sprinklers and dispelling some of the myths.

The service aims to initially encourage the retro fitting of a sprinkler system into one high-rise building in each of the four unitary areas in Cheshire but hopes that this will increase to include many more in time.

It also hopes to encourage sprinklers to be installed in all such new builds as standard.

Cheshire Fire Authority member, clr Bob Rudd added: “Sprinklers are the equivalent to having a firefighter ready and waiting in every room of your home and business.

“Sprinklers suppress fire before it has a chance to take hold and spread which in turn limits the damage it causes to buildings and property.

“This makes the device an ideal choice for property management companies and local authority housing associations to help protect their assets from fire, but also to keep tenants and their families safe.”