A CREWE business is helping to seal the safe and happy future of animals at the RSPCA Stapeley Grange Wildlife Centre. 

The RSPCA has seen a recent surge in sick and injured seals at its Nantwich centre.

In a bid to help, two Cheshire diving schools have said they will make donations to Stapeley via their Try Dives.

Icicle Divers, based in Crewe, have agreed to donate £10 per Try Dive bought during February, March and April this year.

The Try Dive, which is £20 per person, includes an introduction to SCUBA diving outing on the kit and having a go in a pool with an instructor.

Chester Sub-Aqua Club (CSAC), based at the City Baths, has also agreed to donate £10 per Try Dive to the organisation. 

Lee Stewart, centre manager at Stapeley, said: “We have been really delighted with the number of people who have come forward to help these seals and we are extremely grateful to Icicle Divers and Chester CSAC for these generous donations.

“The money raised will help us to continue the long-term care needed for these poor seal pups that ended up in our care through no fault of their own.”

For further information on the Try Dives visit www.icicledivers.co.uk or email andyheslop@btinternet.com.