REASEHEATH College animal management students went orange to help save one of the world’s most endangered apes.

The students dressed in orange and asked others to do the same during fund raising activities for the ‘Go Orange for Orangutans’ campaign.

Their efforts raised over £300 for the campaign, which was run by Chester Zoo as part of its ‘act for wildlife’ initiative to raise money for conservation projects worldwide.

Chester Zoo’s appeal has raised over £13,000 to be used to provide specialist camera traps in Borneo, the last stronghold of the wild orangutan.

Penny Rudd, who is a former Reaseheath governor and has strong links with the animal management department, said: “Orangutans face a very uncertain future owing to habitat destruction, mainly caused by the widescale production of unsustainably farmed palm oil.

“Along with Reaseheath, Chester Zoo aims to actively encourage and educate young people who will have the power to influence the future.

“In this case we need to encourage shoppers to buy only the products which contain responsibly sourced palm oil – look for the RSPO signs on packaging. This could have a major impact in saving what little habitat is left for the orangutans.”