A RADWAY GREEN factory is campaigning for the role of munitions workers during the World Wars to be recognised.

Radway Green BAE Systems Munitions, off Crewe Road, is providing on-going support for a cross-party group of MPs looking for recognition for workers, with a particular focus on the activities of women during the wars.

As part of this campaign, Huw Irranca-Davies MP, Rob Flello MP, Russell Brown MP and Lloyd Brown, from the All Party Parliamentary Group, visited the facility on Monday.

Their purpose was to reflect on Radway Green’s heritage and to be briefed on Radway Green’s new £83m Small Arms Ammunition Manufacturing Facility.

“All the visitors were very complementary and it was great to see their tweet @APPGMunitions stating what a fantastic visit they had just had,” said Nigel MacVean, Radway Green General Manager.

Mr Fiello added: “It was incredible to see the advanced manufacturing work undertaken by highly skilled workers, just on our doorstep at Radway Green.

“Everything about the operation speaks of quality and this is one of the gems we need to value, now and in the future.

“The Roses of Swynnerton would be proud.”