CHESHIRE Police are experiencing a high level of demand as a result of the high winds battering the country.

A large number of 999 calls have been received as people report trees down and road disruption.

Police are advising the public only to ring 999 in an emergency - to ensure those that need an urgent response can get through.

An emergency would include a situation where there is a threat of harm or a threat to life, a crime is in progress, or police assistance is required immediately.

Non emergency calls should be made using 101.

The high winds are expected to peak in Cheshire around 6 pm this evening.

A number of roads have been closed, and this includes the Thelwall Viaduct in both directions.

Motorists are advised to allow more time for journeys as roads may be congested as a result of closures or diversions.

The Highways Agency is providing regular updates on key road closures via twitter and their website, and you can keep yourself updated on local closures through local traffic bulletins.

Supt Beverley Raistrick is overseeing the police response to the extreme weather.

Supt Raistrick said: " Police advice is to be mindful of the unusually high winds that Cheshire is experiencing, and take action.

"This may be delaying a non essential journey to another day, or considering your route home from work - is it the right route for today, or should you consider an alternative?

"Similarly, make sure that you have some basic essentials in your car should you be delayed - this could be a fully charged mobile phone to let people know you are delayed but safe, a blanket, or a bottle of water.

Cheshire Police is working closely with our partners to do as much as we can to keep the communities of Cheshire safe - however, we need the communities to work with us too."