LOCAL police have taken part in an interactive day of learning and fun with schoolchildren in Crewe.

The event at the Oakley Centre on West Street, Tuesday 18 February, saw more than 30 children between 6-12 pay a visit during their half term break.

PC Howard Blake said “The day provided opportunity for local children to get to know their local police, gain an understanding of important matters that can affect them such as using the internet safely, but all done in a fun environment.

“We had some would-be coppers trying on uniform of yesteryear and modern uniform, culminating in a quiz where the children’s knowledge was put to the test.

“The feedback we have received from the children and parents is overwhelmingly positive and we hope to organise events such as this again in the near future”

The day began with team building games, before children took part in talks and demonstrations about matters such as first aid, online safety, and examining a crime scene.

The children were also visited by officers from the road policing unit, and had the opportunity to explore a traffic car and even the cells in a police van.