A CREWE martial arts club has been awarded Police Crime Commissioner funding to help stop young people heading down a path of crime.

Ultimate Martial Arts Muay Thai was awarded £5,000 from PCC John Dwyer’s crime prevention fund.

The project aims to support young people by helping them to focus on real life goals and outcomes using a physical programme of Muay Thai training.

The programme can improve fitness and motivation, while developing skills such as timekeeping, team work and determination that can be carried into other areas of life.

Young people make up 20 per cent of Cheshire’s population. In Cheshire East there are over 12,000 16-18 year-olds.

Police & Crime Commissioner for Cheshire, John Dwyer, said: "I fully support projects like this one in Crewe, which provides diversionary activities for young people in our communities.

“Giving young people something positive to focus on, and steering them away from an alluring road of crime, reduces the chance of them offending or if they’ve been in trouble before from re-offending."

Aaron Jones, from Ultimate Martial Arts added: "We’re excited to offer this course. Along with the physical benefits, many members tell us how they feel better emotionally and have more confidence.

“In this instance we’re not even leaving it as a by-product, we’re incorporating the best professionals in sport and psychology worlds to provide the skills so participants can learn to focus on their dreams and be given the skills and strategies to achieve them. "

More information about the project can be found at www.umacrewe.co.uk