WILLASTON cub scouts have learned how to make their homes a safer place after a day-long lesson organised by experts from National Grid.

The 36 member strong pack were shown how to identify potential gas, electricity, water and fire safety risks in their homes and the steps to take to deal with them.

Their hard work on the day was recognised with the award of the National Grid Home Safety Activity badge.

Andrew Cartlidge, of National Grid metering , said: “We put together a ‘hands-on’ experience to help the cub scouts learn how to be safe at home.

“Together with an activity pack, this will help them spot dangers, keep safe and know what action to take in an emergency.”

Simon Carter, assistant director of the Scout Association, added: “Through the efforts of National Grid over the last 6 years, over 115,000 Cubs have learnt how to stay safe in their home.

“They can now identifying the potential hazards in a home and how to overcome them safely. I would like to thank the cub scouts of Willaston for their work on the day. Together we have made the world a better place.”