A HASLINGTON councillor has praised the efforts of a local parish council in embracing a new village proposed in Cheshire East’s Local Plan.

Around 800 homes will be developed at a site south east of Crewe to be known as South Cheshire Growth Village, which will include a new community centre, village green and sports facilities.

Clr John Hammond was referring to parish councillors from Weston, which could see another 1,000 homes at neighbouring Basford East.

Speaking at Wednesday’s strategic planning board meeting, he expressed a desire to avoid urban sprawl from Weston to Crewe.

“Weston Parish Council are taking about 1,800 houses, which is quite a big hit for one small parish,” he said.

“But they are a great example of a parish council who have engaged with the local authority to achieve a compromise.”

John Cornell, vice-chairman of Weston Parish Council, said developments across the A500 could come in an already overloaded area, but said members had tried to keep an open mind throughout the planning process.

“We only have one chance to get it right and we won’t rest until that has been achieved,” he said.

One site Clr Hammond was not happy about, however, was Crewe Green, suggesting the Duchy of Lancaster should contribute to development.

Elsewhere, Clr David Brickhill said developments in his ward at East Shavington, where 250 homes are proposed, should not be treated as part of Crewe.