CHESHIRE East Council marked Commonwealth Fly the Flag Day at their Westfields HQ on Monday, March 10.

The authority ran up the colours as part of a nationwide drive to get the flag fluttering across Britain in the run up to the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow this year.

Leader of Cheshire East Council, Clr Michael Jones and Cheshire East mayor, Clr Dorothy Flude, led the ceremony at Westfields.

Clr Jones announced: “Joining together as members of one worldwide Commonwealth community, and valuing the personal dignity and worth of every citizen, we raise this flag as a symbol of the ties of kinship and affinity we cherish.

“We affirm our commitment to upholding the values set out in the Commonwealth Charter, to serving one another in a spirit of respect and understanding and to advancing development, democracy and co-operation locally, nationally and internationally.”

The gathered audience responded: “Our pledge is to support the Commonwealth, working together for a future in which there is freedom and justice and prosperity for all, with peace and understanding between peoples and nations.”