CHESHIRE East Council said they will stage meetings with the Royal British Legion to allay the charity’s fears that it is being forced out of Crewe Market Hall.

The RBL say the borough authority promised them a four year stay at their town centre facility to cover the forthcoming First World War centenary commemorations.

CEC contend that the RBL’s unit is set up to accommodate a food and drink retailer and that should it be desired by a rate-paying customer then the charity would be moved free of charge to another unit within the Market Hall.

Chairman of the Crewe Branch of the RBL, Stuart Kay, said he was angry that potential new occupiers of their current space were shown around the facilities without explanation.

“Just last week a manager stood outside the unit and ferried two people in to view the facilities while we were there,” he said.

“No notice was given and no proper introductions were made. Later that day and email was received asking for an urgent meeting.”

After inquiring whether the RBL was being given noticed to move, Stuart said the charity received no response.

A spokesman for Cheshire East said: “We are working with the Royal British Legion to come to an agreement and we are doing everything we can to ensure they have the free-of-charge facilities they need to continue the good work they do.

“The council understood that both parties were in agreement that should the units become needed by an appropriate business then the Royal British Legion would move to another retail unit.

“The unit in question has been adapted specifically for a food and drink retail unit and a suitable business has come forward.

“We have offered the Royal British Legion two alternative nearby units so that they can continue to offer support to former force members in need of help and support.

“A meeting is now being organised between Cheshire East Council and the Royal British Legion and it is hoped that an amicable solution can be found.”