NANTWICH Museum has secured a grant to consolidate and update its display of locally-found treasure.

The museum was given £8,250 under the Art Fund’s Treasure Plus scheme for use on its 'Nantwich Treasure' display.

They will use the funding to make more coherent and appealing displays of the objects, which have all been discovered locally and shed light on the lives of people who once lived in the town and the surrounding area.

The collection includes Roman coins and brooches, a Saxon pendant cross and pottery dating over a 600 year period.

In addition to this the Wilbraham signet ring will also be part of the display. The ring belonged to one of the prominent local families, one member of whom built Dorfold Hall and another Townsend House in Welsh Row.

The Treasure Plus grant will be used for the acquisition of a new display case, revised interpretations of the objects, interactive additions and improving the experience for children.