A NEW report has shown Reaseheath College contributes £86million per year to the local business community.

This was one of the findings in an independent analysis of the social and economic impact of the Nantwich college by Economic Modelling Specialists International (EMSI).

Figures from the report show that Reaseheath generates income equal to 0.3 per cent of Cheshire and Warrington's total economy, which represents 3,426 average wage jobs.

Statistics show that the skills and qualifications acquired by former Reaseheath students bolstered Cheshire and Warrington’s economy by enabling employers to increase outputs. This added £65.7million in income to the regional economy per year.

The analysis also found that the expenditure of Reaseheath and its staff generated approximately £19.6 million in new income to the total regional output per year.

In addition, non-local students attending the college brought in more than £407,000 by spending on goods and services.

The report states: “Reaseheath College makes a significant positive impact not only on its students but on society, taxpayers and the local business community. Not only does the college spend money within Cheshire and employ a large number of staff, it also trains students to be valuable employees.”

Reaseheath Principal Meredydd David said: “We are delighted that this independent report highlights Reaseheath’s major input into the economy and particularly the way we are able to support and stimulate income for our community.”