CHESHIRE Police has launched an operation to tackle crime and disorder during the World Cup.

Patrols are being increased across the county on key days, with officers targeting individuals involved in alcohol related crime, domestic abuse, drink driving and anti-social behaviour.

A police spokesman said: “The majority of people will enjoy the four-week tournament with their friends and family sensibly.

“Unfortunately, there is always a minority who will take advantage of the occasion and use it as an excuse to cause trouble.

“The force is sending out a warning that bad behaviour of any kind will not be tolerated − and positive action will be taken against anyone committing crime and acting anti-socially.”

Chief Superintendent Sarah Boycott, who is leading the operation, added: "During previous national and international sporting events Cheshire Police has seen an increase in demand, particularly in crimes such as domestic abuse.

“During the 2010 World Cup the number of domestic abuse incidents reported increased by 43 per cent compared to the same period in 2009.

“Specialist officers will be working on the day after every England match to deal with any domestic abuse incidents − and to provide support to victims alongside the independent domestic violence advocacy team.

“Other areas such as drink driving and anti-social behaviour also tend to see an increase, which leads to further demand on the force.

“As part of the planning for Operation Brazil we have allocated additional officers to work in every neighbourhood policing unit across the force to ensure we are able to respond to that demand − and to provide vital reassurance to our local communities.

“We want everyone to have a safe and enjoyable World Cup − please remember to act responsibility and to be respectful towards other people."

If you or someone you know are at immediate risk of harm from Domestic Violence, always call 999. For a non-emergency call 101. If you are worried about your behaviour towards your partner or family and want to get help and advice call the Respect helpline on 0808 802 4040 or visit