A TEENAGER from Nantwich who suffers from cerebral palsy recently experienced his dream of being a racing car driver.

Josh Haygarth, who is 18, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at just a few weeks old. Although he is quadriplegic and confined to a wheelchair, he has always been obsessed with fast cars.

Josh’s dream of driving in a red ferrari came true thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, a charity which grants wishes to young people fighting life-threatening conditions.

His thrilling weekend began with a car experience in partnership with Club Le Mons before he travelled to a race track in Oxford to drive at race speed in a Ferrari, followed by a special surprise ride in a Lamborghini.

Josh then spent the afternoon track-side at Silverstone, watching races and taking in the adrenalin-fuelled roar of the cars.

Josh’s aunt, Nina said: “Josh isn’t able to communicate verbally, so having his wish realised, despite the challenges, has left him feeling valued and understood.

The fact that he was given his wish now, when he is still physically able to sit in the car, means that we didn’t leave it too late to make his wish come true.”

Nina added: “The wish day was a really special family experience for which we are so grateful. We will forever cherish watching Josh’s face as he drove in from his turn on the track – he had the biggest smile I’ve ever seen.”