RESIDENTS in Nantwich are rallying against plans to turn a former RAF camp into an industrial estate for Travelling Showpeople.

The Hack Green Camp, off Coole Lane in Nantwich, has been reclaimed by nature since it became disused in the early 1970s, and is home to a variety of flora and fauna as well as four endangered species.

However, a recent application aims to transform the area into a development for Travelling Showpeople that expects to accommodate at least 10 families, around 30 cars and 60 light goods vehicles.

Nearby residents have expressed a number of concerns over the proposal which they fear would have far-reaching consequences, including a loss of habitat and protected species, as well as a substantial increase in heavy traffic throughout the local area.

Campaigner Bryn Davies said: “We feel there are numerous aspects of the proposal which are inappropriate; the size of the development in relation to the existing community, the potential loss of a historic site, the loss of diverse habitat and wildlife and the visual impact on the open countryside, among many more.”

The residents’ group is appealing on the wider community in Nantwich to support its opposition.

Bryn said: “The potential impact of this proposal is a real concern, both for immediate residents and for the wider local community. Any help and support we can get in objecting to this development is greatly appreciated.”

Anyone wishing to comment can find the planning application 14/2714N on the Cheshire East Council website.

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