CREWE and Nantwich town councils’ collision course over a set of disputed Christmas Lights appears to have been averted.

Crewe Town Council has welcomed the mayor of Nantwich’s suggestion of a ‘clear the air’ summit between the two authorities.

A behind the scenes row over the light’s ownership erupted in June.

Crewe wanted the illuminations that they used last year to be returned, after they were donated to Nantwich by Cheshire East Council.

CEC maintain that Crewe had instructed the lights be disposed of: A position that Crewe deny.

A thaw in relations now seems on the cards, after Nantwich clr Christine Farrall suggested they enter dialogue over the illuminations – which Nantwich had planned to repair and add to their ownh town centre display.

This week, leader of Crewe Town Council, Kevin Hickson, said: “We welcome the comments from clr Farrall and the prospect of a dialogue over the future of the Crewe illuminations.

“We understand that Nantwich Town Council have been placed in an awkward position and we are keen to help find a way to ensure that there are successful Christmas events in both towns.

“There is an urgent need for this to be settled so that both organisations can put in place the practical arrangements for our respective events.

“As I have previously said, we are keen to have a good look at the lights and by all means if we believe there is useable equipment to spare then our friends in Nantwich can have first call.

“Should there still be any serviceable equipment remaining, it can be donated to the parishes in the former Crewe and Nantwich area.”