A CAMPAIGN group from Crewe is calling on residents to help their local park’s wildlife thrive.

Queens Park Wildlife Conservation Group has joined forces with the fishing community to make sure the population of swans in the park can co-exist in harmony with anglers.

The group formed following the unexplained death of a mature swan and last week helped the RSPCA rescue one of the swan’s six surviving cygnets when it got fishing line wrapped around its foot.

Now the dedicated group of nature lovers are on a mission to help return the cygnets to their birthplace on the pond’s islands, as well as providing the right kinds of vegetation for future generations to nest in.

“We are all trying to work together to improve conditions of the lake for wildlife and fish,” explained group member, Caron Hull.

“One of the main aims is to provide access to the pond’s islands for the swans. The baby cygnets were born on there, but since leaving have been unable to return because the walls surrounding the islands them are too high.”

The group have been offered £200 from Bentley to further their cause, and will hold a sponsored walk on Sunday, August 10 at 10.30am from the Rising Sun to Sainsbury’s roundabout and back.

The group are also selling T shirts for £7.50.

To join the group or for more details, find them on Facebook or call Caron on 07880 353221.