A WOMAN from Crewe has been crowned Beauty Queen of Cheshire, and is set to compete for the national crown.

Julie Hawkins, 34, from Crewe, was selected as the Cheshire beauty queen by the Beauty of the UK after a friend persuaded her to send a photo in to the competition.

Julie will now compete against other beauty queen’s from areas around the country, on Sunday, October 19, at the Park Hall in Chorley.

Julie said: “I was one of the oldest entrants so I was really surprised to be selected as Beauty of Cheshire, I thought they would have gone for someone younger.

“Hopefully it can show other people to not let anything go against you, whether it’s your age or weight or anything.

“I really didn’t expect this but now I’m going to have to up my game for the final because to be crowned Beauty Queen of England would mean so much to me.

The national crown will be given to the regional queen based on a variety of categories including charity work and time spent helping the community.

Julie has been giving up her time to give free cheerleading lessons to young girls in the area and will be going to Manchester to give out sandwiches to the homeless.

“I’m going to be doing a lot of charity work before the final and basically just give back to the community and show that we’re not just brainless beauties.”

The Cheshire queen will also be hosting a fundraising event on Sunday, August 17, at the Greenroom in Altrincham, with live music.

The money from the event will go towards the competitions designated charity Rays of Sunshine, which helps children who are living with serious life-limiting illnesses.