A CREWE child with severe disabilities is one of many who will benefit from a national fundraiser next month.

Four-year-old Oscar Newbrook was born with genetic chromosome faults resulting in an extremely rare form of Downs Syndrome.

He is blind and severely disabled, with developmental delays and breathing difficulties. He also has epilepsy and a brain injury caused by a lack of oxygen at birth.

The Newlife Foundation, who donated Oscar a piece of life-improving equipment, want people to get involved with Jeans for Genes day on September 19 to help children like him.

Oscar’s mother, Paula, 43, gives her son round-the-clock care.

She said: “. It is hereditary. It means that if I have any more children there is a high risk of passing on the genetic fault again.

“To find out that I had passed it onto him was horrible. I keep blaming myself. I still blame myself now. You go through a grieving process. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. Oscar’s father and I split up while I was pregnant so it was up to me to look after Oscar on my own.”

Oscar is on 24-hour equipment, including oxygen, and he is fed through a tube as he has no swallow reflex. He has seizures and scoliosis of the spine.

He can’t speak or walk and doctors don’t know how long Oscar will live, as even contracting a cold could kill him.

The charity Newlife Foundation for Disabled Children provided Oscar with an Acheeva Learning Station for Oscar last November (2013).

The £4,000 piece of equipment allows Oscar to sit, eat and sleep more comfortably, as well as enabling physiotherapy. Jeans for Genes Day is on Friday 19th September and invites everyone to wear their jeans to work or school and make a donation.

Money raised will go towards helping more children like Oscar.

Sign up for your free fundraising pack at jeansforgenesday.org