A NEW website has revealed the most popular names in the UK - and it's not what you might think. 

While many might guess John Smith is the most common name in the UK, new research from identity data intelligence specialists GBG has found David Smith tops the list with David Jones ranking in second place and John Smith in third.

According to the research, which is based on an analysis of the Open Register and lists the top 100 most common names in the UK, there are nearly 25% more David Smiths than John Smiths.

Top ten most common names in the UK ranked by the number of adults on Open Register:

1 David Smith 6,163

2 David Jones 5,959

3 John Smith 4,742

4 Michael Smith 4,321

5 David Williams 4,292

6 Paul Smith 3,904

7 Andrew Smith 3,700

8 David Brown 3,393

9 Robert Smith 3,386

10 Peter Smith 3,218

Results also found women’s names are much more unique than men’s.

Susan Smith is the most popular female name but ranked just 12th in the overall top 100 list.

And 17 of the 100 names in the list are female. 

Top ten most common female names in the UK with ranking in the top 100: 

12 Susan Smith 3,172

15 Margaret Smith 3,086

28 Susan Jones 2,365

29 Margaret Jones 2,356

46 Patricia Smith 1,993

60 Sarah Smith 1,870

62 Elizabeth Smith 1,843

64 Sarah Jones 1,794

69 Christine Smith 1, 746

72 Mary Smith 1, 719

‘Smith’ was revealed as the most common surname, with one in three (31%) of the names listed in the top 100 being a ‘Smith’.

Jones, Williams, Brown and Taylor follow respectively.

Overall, David is the UK’s most popular first name for men and Margaret is the most popular first name for women.

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