CREWE Clean Team has dedicated its first litter pick of the year - and 60th overall - to one of its members who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

After collecting 26 bags of litter on Saturday, February 18, members held up a sign with a message for Marilyn Zeller, who joined the team two years ago and now lives in Switzerland.

Chairman David McDonald said: “She started a charity in Switzerland for children who need a kidney transplant. Her own daughter had one, and she donated hers to her.

“She joined as a member of the Clean Team around two years ago, and has helped us ever since. She goes back to Switzerland because she has family out there and runs the charity. She is due to see us in April and then her plan is to just travel as much as she can in the short time she has left.”

David said Marilyn had been ‘very happy’ with the message.

The team signed up its 99th member at the litter pick event, finding items including wheel trims, bottles full of ‘human waste’ and even a discarded road cleaning sign.

They then enjoyed complimentary drinks at Rookery Wood Farm Pub.