IT was dubbed one of the most important public health reforms in generations.

And on July 1, 2017, it will be 10 years since a ban on smoking in enclosed public places in England was brought in.

Can't remember what it was like drinking or eating out before the ban? 

This should give you a taste: 

1. We’ll start with an obvious one - you don’t wake up the next morning stinking of smoke

2. Or having to check your clothes for cigarette burns after anyone with a fag in their hand got too close during a night out

3. More people have quit. According to a Department of Health report in 2011, an extra 300,000 smokers were inspired to make a quit attempt as the law came into force. 

Crewe Guardian: Two fined hundreds for dropping cigarette butt

4. There were almost 7,000 fewer hospital admissions for childhood asthma in the three years following the law’s introduction, according to health charity Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) 

5. We’re never asked ‘smoking or non’ when we book a restaurant table anymore

6. Or have to deal with the awkwardness of being seated at a ‘non-smoking’ table which is actually right next to the restaurant’s 'smoking section'

Crewe Guardian:

7. Smoking shelters are now a regular feature outside pubs and restaurants

8. And you have the tricky decision to make every winter over whether to stay inside in the warm or brave the chill with your smoking mates outside


9. The number of people smoking at home has decreased. According to Department of Health statistics, the proportion of adults living in a smokefree home was 61% before the legislation but by 2008/9, this had increased to 69%. 

10. Your local finally smells nice again after the shock of it initially ponging of stale ale once the smoke haze had lifted


11. Support for the smokefree legislation has grown in the ten years since its introduction. The current level of public support in England has been measured by YouGov surveys at 83%.