THE future of 68 members of staff at Asda Crewe is under review, and up to six could face redundancy, the Guardian has learned.

The supermarket, in Victoria Centre, is one of 18 Asda stores across the country set to consult with employees over cutting staff numbers and hours.

A spokesman at Asda’s headquarters, in Leeds, told the Guardian that five or six people could face redundancy as a ‘worst case scenario’.

“Asda Crewe has 337 employees, but only 68 are in departments which could be cut down,” the spokesman said.

“Asda will consult with those members of staff, and the worst case scenario is that five or six of those people would be made redundant.

“Asda would look to find alternative opportunities for people as much as possible, in other departments, or if possible at other nearby stores.”

The retail giant is looking to reduce the number of members of staff it has in certain departments during times that there are fewer customers.

Its profits dropped by more than £175 million in its most recent accounts, while year-on-year profits decreased by 3.2 per cent last year.