A PETITION has been launched calling for an enquiry into Cheshire East Council.

Following the ‘actions and behaviour’ of the members and officers of CEC, members of the public have started the form to ‘restore public confidence’ in the borough council.

The petition states: “The recent admission that an officer or officers have deliberately manipulated air quality data has finally destroyed what remained of our confidence and belief.

“This comes on the back of the suspension of CEO Mike Suarez, resignation of Michael Jones over contracts awarded and the suspension of Bill Norman, head of legal services.

“We believe that council has lost all credibility with the residents and electorate of our region.”

At the time of writing the petition had reached 1,200 signatures.

Sam Corcoran, Labour group leader, said: “The Labour group has been calling since March for an external investigation.

“For the sake of the staff and residents of east Cheshire, the Conservatives need to take urgent action.

“Effective means of taking action are very limited. The only power rests with the electorate.”

It will be delivered to Sajid Javid MP, secretary of state for communities and local government.