HUNDREDS of firework fans are expected to flock to Anderton Boat Lift this month when an award-winning company lights up the sky.

Crewe-based Blitz Fireworks are putting the finishing touches together ahead of their spectacle on Saturday, October 28.

With fireworks reflecting in the River Weaver and set against the dramatic backdrop of the Boat Lift, it's a big challenge for the six-time Arley Hall fireworks champions.

John Malam, director at Blitz Fireworks, said: “Everyone at Blitz Fireworks is thrilled to be back at the Anderton Boat Lift to do our third bespoke pyrotechnic display to modern music.

“We get a real buzz from the visual impact of seeing the fireworks reflected in the River Weaver. It is magical and well worth all the effort.

“The show is choreographed on specialist software and is carefully matched to enhance the music. We’ve been thinking hard about using different techniques to maximise this year’s show.

“It is not just about supplying top quality fireworks but about achieving split-second accuracy and capturing the spirit of the music.”

It is 'painstaking preparation' for Both John and Alan Rhead, his co-director at Blitz, but the pair have the knowledge to make it work.

“Anderton’s display is always a bit special – and challenging – because the fireworks take off from a floating pontoon,” John said.

“On a practical level this is a considerable challenge because we have to take into account not just the current of the river and the way it impacts on the pontoons, but critically the wind direction.

“Obviously, we can’t risk the fireworks going off course, so right until the last minute we are ready to make adjustment should the prevailing wind directions change.

“It also helps that Alan has decades of experience as an experienced instructor on canal and river boats. His familiarity with water is very useful.”

Graham Wood, duty manager at Anderton Boat Lift, said: “Blitz’s firework displays are always outstanding and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for us this year.

"This promises to be a great family event and I hope everyone can join us for this special night.”

Tickets are available online at reduced prices, while they can also be bought on the night, and refreshments will be available.

For details visit or call 01606 786777.