IT has been mooted that there are government plans afoot to tax working pensioners more and drastically increase inheritance tax in order to donate £10,000 to the under 25s to create more ‘equality’ in society.

Frankly, I think generational equality is a brilliant idea.

I’m all for it – I’ll sign on the dotted line whenever they’re ready.

Mrs B and I can’t wait to have our ‘gap year.’ You see we missed ours, as we were grafting our socks off when we should have been ‘travelling’.

Stupid of us I know but this sounds like an excellent opportunity to address that anomaly.

Then there’s the flat with deckchairs, no carpets and dodgy plumbing we lived in for years.

If my ten grand helps provide those amenities for young married couples today I’ll die a happy man.

You have to give a little to get a little and the ‘little’ I’m looking forward to getting is four years of university life.

What an absolute privilege to finally belong to a fraternity of fellow-minded students exploring, learning, debating, drinking and doing all the stuff students do.

It has to be better than working a mind-numbing 40 hours a week in a factory for 48 weeks a year.

I never had the opportunity to attend university, starting a full-time job the day after I left school at 16 but, hey, I’ll take my uni experience when I can and if it’s now...bring it on.

I know it comes with a cost but as I’m unlikely to be earning enough money to ever pay it back I can live with that.

My grandkids are going to love financing my partying while they graft their rocks off but it’s only right if we want generational equality.

I do believe this is one of the most brilliant political ideas I have ever encountered.

All those children walking or cycling to school will make an enormous difference to their health instead of having mum drive right through the school gates. Less traffic, less pollution, fitter kids...everyone’s a winner.

Let’s have some more generational equality.

It be bangin’, man.

By Guardian columnist Vic Barlow