MISS Great Britain Gemma Garrett hit the campaign trail in Crewe and Nantwich this week and launched an attack on Labour for dirty tricks'.

Amongst the Belfast model's policies are increased wages for our Armed Forces serving overseas and all childcare benefits for single mothers becoming tax free.

Gemma, who is standing on a platform of bringing beauty into politics and turning back the tide of sleaze which has dogged successive Westminster administrations, is pledging to meet as many of the 78,000 voters as possible.

She marked her arrival in the constituency with an attack on the smear campaign launched against her by her Labour opponents who she believes are already rattled by the direct charm of her appeal.

Last week she signed the book of condolences for Gwyneth Dunwoody whose death created the by-election.

She said that within hours, Labour sources were claiming that Gemma had misspelt the Britain in Miss Great Britain.

Gemma explained: "This is precisely the low, petty and underhanded sort of action which contributes to the overall impression that politics is a sleazy and grubby business.

"It is ironic that Labour, which is supposed to cherish the rights of women, created this cheap, wrong and stereotypical image of me intended to suggest that any girl who happened to be blonde and to look good cannot spell.

"It is risible and sad that they have stooped to this level of personal abuse which even included a barrage of verbal abuse directed at me by party workers.

"It all tells me that we need a new sort of politics which will engage peoples' interests and help turn back the dull tide of cynicism which has dogged this country's political life for so long now."