A COUNCIL chief says that £1million worth of services have been put at risk due to thousands of people not paying their Council Tax.

Court summonses were issued to 2,300 people across the borough who have failed to pay their taxes since April 2010.

Just 35 people turned up at Crewe Magistrates’ Court on Friday of which 32 had liability orders issued against them. Three cases were adjourned.

A liability order means that Cheshire East Council can enforce payment using bailiffs or making deductions from earnings or benefits.

Those who didn’t attend the court have been urged to contact the council to set up a payment plan.

Cheshire East Council is among the top local authorities for collecting Council Tax with a 99 per cent collection rate.

Clr Michael Jones, cabinet member for resources, said: “We have an excellent record for collecting council tax.

“These are responsible council taxpayers, 80 per cent of whom have made the sensible decision to pay by instalment through direct debit.

“However, we would not be serving them well if we did not take action against those people who try to dodge their responsibilities.

“We understand that some people will have difficulty in paying what they owe and we can always work with them to arrange repayment plans.

“However, when people make no effort to pay, we must take action.

“These 2,300 non payers between them represent a total of £1million we are not receiving. That is £1 million worth of services that are potentially at risk.”