SANDBACH campaign groups have united under a new banner in a bid to prevent any further housing developments in the town.

The Hands Off Our Sandbach Group (HOOS) plan to fight a raft of housing proposals and a new retail park planned for land southeast of Old Mill Road roundabout.

Elworth Hall Farm Action Group, Save our Sandbach, Middlewich Road Site Access Action Group, No2ParkingCharges and Stop Old Mill Quarter have all united.

The disparate groups will fight as one to air their main contentions.

The group believe a raft of proposals earmarked for countryside in Sandbach will have a negative impact on the quality of life and character of the town.

They think the proposals should be considered en masse, to consider the overall impact on Sandbach rather than approving applications piecemeal.

They also site an adverse affect on traffic and environment caused by an influx of new residents travelling to jobs outside Sandbach.

Jason Keeble, of Elworth Hall Farm Action Group, said: “The amount of development that’s gone on in Elworth has been phenomenal. We’re looking at thousands more people moving here. There’s no employment in Sandbach that can sustain that. We’ve lost Fodens and ERF.

“These are family homes that are planned. What’s that going to do our over subscribed schools? They don’t have elastic walls. And if you’re talking about building more schools then you’re going to have to deliver that on even more Greenfield land.

“What people have got to understand is that this is going to affect everyone in Sandbach – whether it’s the impact on schools or traffic or the emergency services.

“It’s not about stopping all development, but it’s about making sure we get the right kind of developments for the town.”

To get involved with HOOS, contact Ian Knowlson, chairman of No2ParkingCharges on 07552 555858.