A NANTWICH man who works for a private security firm in Iraq has beaten hundreds of other hopefuls to be shortlisted for a national photography competition.

Bruce Chadwick works in the sea port of Umm Qasr, transporting teams of naval engineers to work in armour plated land crusiers, so they can help the Iraqi Navy with their new fleet of ships.

The 39-year-old’s picture of a communications satellite was shortlisted in a competition run by social investor company, Nominet Trust, which challenged snappers to get a shot illustrating the difference the internet made to their lives.

“I thought my position out here was perfect for the competition, without the internet we would all be at a loss,” explained Bruce, who uses the internet to communicate with his three children back in Cheshire.

Bruce took up photography after a friend pointed out a camera that was for sale on an American base in Iraq.

He said: “I realised I was in a unique position to show the world, on a day to day basis, a side of Iraq that is rarely seen. To most people in England Iraq has been a series of misery and explosions.

“I have only been interested in photography for three years, before that I did everything in my power to not be in photographs. Now I have an excuse as I’m the other side of the lens. My favourite subject is people, especially the Iraqi people, who are such natural subjects.”

Bruce’s photography can be seen on his blog, www.blipfolio.com/mrchaddy, which is part of an online community that tasks participants to upload one photo a day reflecting their life and work.

The winning picture in the competition will be displayed in the touring Our Digital Planet exhibition, which will visit Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff, Liverpool and Glasgow this autumn.

Bruce said: “I’m delighted to have got this far. There are so many ways in which the internet has a positive impact on my life and that of my family.

“It was a real challenge to pick just one area and then capture it in a picture. But I’m really pleased with the photo I entered and how it highlights what the internet means to me.

I just hope that I can beat the tough competition and go onto win.”

For further information about the competition, visit: www.ourdigitalplanet.co.uk