REGARDING the pictures in the local papers last week of Eric Pickles and Michael Jones squaring up over planning matters and housing applications. The green fields of Cheshire are being lost while these two Conservatives battle it out over arcane points of planning law.

The adversarial approach taken by Government and council has benefitted only the property developers and lawyers.

Too many houses have been granted planning permission without the necessary improvements to local infrastructure. I say that CEC should concentrate on getting a five-year housing supply and a decent local plan in place as soon as possible and making sure that the developments pay for improved infrastructure.

Eric Pickles and the Planning Inspector who ruled on the Congleton Road appeal are demanding sites for an extra 1,500-2,000 new homes across Cheshire East over the next five years. If we meet that target then we can start to dictate to developers what infrastructure must be delivered.

As a start, I suggest adopting the Yeowood Farm development for 800 houses in Ettiley Heath on the condition that it includes a new primary school, satellite doctors surgery, allotments, community orchard and that the developers pay for road improvements.

The 1,800 houses already approved in Sandbach leave us in desperate need of a new primary school.

If we do not take action now then the young children of Sandbach will have nowhere to go to school in a few years time.

Clr S Corcoran Sandbach Heath and East Sandbach