APRIL 24 was World Day for Laboratory Animals.

It is recognised by people all over the world to commemorate the suffering of animals in laboratories.

Each year, millions of animals suffer and die in experiments that cannot be relied upon because of differences between humans and other species.

You, the public, have the power to change this.

There are better ways to carry out research. Claims are made that animal experiments are essential to medical progress but the fundamental problem is that each species responds differently to drugs and other substances.

More than 250,000 Britons are hospitalised every year by adverse drug reactions – the fourth biggest killer in the western world.

Eighty AIDS vaccines, successful in primates, have failed in human trials. Seven hundred drugs to treat stroke have been developed based on testing on animals.

Of these, 150 have been tried so far in humans. Not one is effective or safe in humans. Laboratory animals experience pain and long term distress.

We can have safe medicines without animal suffering. People can help by only donating to medical charities that do not use animals for their research. A local group will be visiting AstraZeneca at Alderley Edge.

This is a local pharmaceutical company where they still test on dogs. They will be asking them to stop doing this.

During the week they will also be in Macclesfield town centre on an awareness campaign.

For more information, contact: The National Anti-Vivisection Society at www.navs.org.uk, info@navs.org.uk or Safer Medicines Trust at info@SaferMedicines.org