THE Crewe Liberal Club Open League Winter Team Knockout finals night held at the Liberal Club turned out to be a tense evening with both the final and semi-finals were decided on the last dominoes games eventually going the way of the favourites Westend Lmr B.

In the final between Westend Lmr B and Westend Band Club C the Westend Band C got off to a fantastic start with Rob Arrowsmith and captain Graham Arrowsmith winning the first two darts games in 18 darts and a victory for Mark Tirrell in the third and Russ Phillips taking the first dominoes game giving them a 4-0 lead.

Westend Lmr B retaliated thanks to dominoes victories by Andy Madeley, Shaun Willet,Kev Goodwin and a 24 dart win for Dave Bickerton in the fourth darts game to level the score at 4-4.They then went into the lead when Pete Ayres won the fifth dominoes game only for Westend C to level as Lyndon Cartwright took the fifth darts game in 20 darts.

Billy Graham’s victory in the sixth dominoes game put Lmr B in the lead again and Daniel Ayres increased the lead to 7-5 winning the last singles darts game in 18 darts Westend C responded with Rob Arrowsmith and Mark Tirrell winning the darts pairs reducing the deficit to 7-6 leaving all to be decided on the final dominoes pairs games in which the Lmr B pairing of Kev Goodwin and Billy Graham won to secure an 8-6 aggregate victory for the Westend Lmr B.

In the semi-final between Westend Lmr B and Nantwich Rd A captain Shaun Garrett won the first dart game for Nantwich Rd in 19 darts but the second was won by Westend Lmr B’s P.J.Lynskey as two dominoes victories by Pete Challinor and Brian Bebbington gave Nantwich Rd a 3-1 lead.

The match see-sawed until George Goodwin levelled for Lmr B and the darts pairs success by P.J.Lynskey and Daniel Ayres gave them a 6-5 lead as the tie swung again with Nantwich Rd taking a 7-6 lead thanks to dominoes victories by Pete Shone and Len Walker leaving the match to be decided on the dominoes pairs games.

Success went to Westend Lmr B in the dominoes pairs as their pairings of Kev Goodwin/Billy Graham and Shaun Willett/Pete Ayres gave them an 8-7 aggregate passage into the final.

The other semi-final between Broughton Arms and Westend Band Club C resulted in another cliff hanger with Broughton going into a 5-2 lead.

Westend C then staged a comeback going into a 7-5 lead but Broughton levelled the score at 7-7 when Alan Oliver won the last dominoes singles game and the pairing of Martin Lee and Ian Clarke took the first dominoes pairs game but their efforts were to no avail as Westend C’s duo of Reg Beech and Russ Phillips won the decisive final pairs game to see them through to the final with an 8-7 aggregate score-line.