SOME 75 years ago Crewe Flyers Swimming Club was created following the opening of the town’s Flag Lane pool.

Originally formed as Crewe Borough Swimming Club in 1939, Flyers celebrate their 75th anniversary this month as the current swimmers aim to emulate the success of their formers.

The club enjoyed a fruitful period in the 1960s and 70s, even boasting a water polo team at one time, and during the 80s began to expand under husband and wife duo Steve and Irene Milhench.

Steve was the club’s first full time coach and after his arrival they began to produce regular national swimmers.

He also oversaw a logo change and coined the ‘Flyers’ title, chosen by young swimmers to show the town’s roots in the railway industry.

In the last 10 years, Flyers have produced a national champion, seen more than 15 swimmers qualify for the National Championships and more than 35 make regional championships.

The year has been one of the most successful in recent memory with Flyers already bagging the Crusader League Division Two Championship and City of Stoke Event’s Top Club.

Three swimmers, Ben Cleaveley, Grace Farr and Eleanor Bloor, will compete in the National Championships at Ponds Forge in Sheffield later this season.

Farr and Bloor, also a level one coach, have both been swimming for the club in galas since the age of nine.

Bloor is joined by five other qualified coaches at the club, boasting more than 35 years experience between them and teaching all abilities between five and 18-years-old.

Farouk Graba, level four, has been coaching for more than 25 years, level two coach Andrew Coutts has been with the club for four years, Ewan Cameron holds a level two certificate and Adrian Glover is a level one coach.

Ben Buckley continues to swim for the club while also being a qualified level one coach and will be joined by four younger swimmers taking their level one course throughout the summer.

The club has witnessed a 10 per cent increase in members in the last year and hopes to keep on growing, anyone over five interested can visit the club on Tuesday evenings.