TOP arrows in the Crewe Liberal Club Open League came from Pioneers A’s Fred Smith with a 161 finish to a 12 dart leg.

Rob Arrowsmith (Band C) hit a 14 darter, Patrick Lynskey (LMR B) a brace of 15 darters and Craig Simpson (Cosey) 15 and 19 dart legs.

Andy Pitt (Kings A) fired a 17 dart leg, Shaun Done (LMR B) 18 and 20 darters, Lyndon Cartwright (Band C) an 18 darter and Barry Cooper (Commercial) a 19 dart leg and a 180, with Mark Tirrell (Band C) also on the mark with a 180.

In Division One Delamere Arms were already champions, with long time challengers White Lion B’s draw with Nantwich Road A proving to be sufficient for them to finish runners-up by two points from Cheshire Cheese, whose 7-1 trouncing of Pioneers B was to no avail.

Aaron Ayres (Lion B) hit a 15 darter and a 180, Eric Harrison (Delamere) a 17 dart leg and Shane Burgess (Cheese) and Pete Doyle (Lion A) 19 darters. Dan Smith (Broughton) hit a 20 darter, team mate Daryl Wood a 128 checkout, Craig Smith (Cheese) a 180 and Clive Lucking (Earl of Chester) a 177 high score.

Division Two champions Oddfellows Club lost their unbeaten tag to visitors and main rivals Sydney Arms, who beat them 6-2, to snatch the runners-up berth from Brunel Arms A, who thrashed Sun A 7-1.

Rob Paine (Sydney) bombed a 14 darter and a brace of 180s, Cliff Williams (Shoe) won in 18 and 19 darts and Jamie Hawkins (Bridge A) and Joe Woodward (Sydney) fired respective 19 and 20 dart legs.

Steve Hughes (Express) and Simon Phillips (Shoe) hit 136 and 144 finishes respectively.

Division Three champions Rileys A beat Hawk 6-2, but they finish well adrift of Swan and Chequers who clinched a runners-up spot by whitewashing bottom placed hosts Flying Lady B.

Ken Greenall (Rileys A) won with 18 and 21 darters then paired up with Karl Goodwin for a 34 dart pairs win at 29.44 PDA.

Gareth Wood (Kings B), Stuart Wilson (Rileys A) and Richard Stockton (Raven) all bombed 20 darters and Phil Massey (Kings B) a 21 darter.

Division Four and Five’s top two places were already sorted with Willaston Club and Prince of Wales A being runaway champions and Nantwich Road B and Brunel Arms C filling the remote runners-up places.

Simon Felton (Nantwich Road B) won in 18 darts, Mick Crawley (Sun B) in 19, Jamie Clorley (Willaston) in 20 and Darren Cooper (Duke C) bombing a 180 for the second week running.