COSPLAYERS will be going full steam to help transport Crewe back to the future.

Crewe’s Crosville Club will stage an extravagant Welcome Party when the town’s inaugural Steampunk Convivial launches Friday, May 27.

Steampunk is a subgenre of science fiction that incorporates technology and aesthetic designs inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery.

The Crosville night will showcase Victorian and Gothic splendour coupled with a dazzling array of music, dance and entertainment.

David Smith, event coordinator, said: “There is something for everyone, and Steampunk acts really know how to entertain a crowd.

“The atmosphere will be truly convivial, with smiles and laughter sure to be shared by all who join us for a splendid evening of quirky and memorable fun.”

Dave said first-time cosplayers should try to avoid feeling daunted by some of the more experienced attendees.

“Steampunks never take themselves too seriously,” Dave said. “There is no right or wrong way to dress, dance, sing or enjoy the events.

“Embrace it for what it is – take an intriguing journey back to the future.”

Hosted by the whip-cracking compere Diva Hollywood, the evening will see Professor Elemental headline the night’s entertainment.

With millions of YouTube views, the wonderfully mad-cap entertainer brings a lively combination of comedy, music, improvisation and friendly audience banter.

The evening will also see the Ichabod Steam and his Animatronic Band take the audience on a dark but endearing story about a crazy inventor and his wife, Mary.

More conventional music comes from Victor and the Bully, a hot-ticket London duo who play violins, piano, ukulele and trumpets to generate a thunderously theatrical show of epic proportions.

David expects at least one other performer to gatecrash the party.

“In Montague Jacques Fromage, from America, we have Steampunk royalty,” he said.

“Monty is a bit like a force of nature, and keeping him off the stage is unlikely. He is unique, and not to be missed.”

The Welcome Party tickets are £10 and the curtain-opener will set the tone for a series of other lavish shows.

The Crosville Club will stage a daring but tasteful Burlesque Show on Saturday, May 28. Sunday, May 29 will see a Grand Masquerade Ball.

A Goodbye Bash will close the Steampunk extravaganza and the historic Lyceum Theatre will stage a Spectacular Steampunk Concert.

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