CREWE-based Radius Payment Solutions, a fuel and fleet management company with a turnover of £1.5 billion, has acquired Wrexham-based Trackyou, a technology and vehicle telematics specialist.

Radius Payments Solutions has acquired Trackyou Limited in a deal which will add more than 20,000 vehicles to its rapidly-growing tracking business.

Trackyou has more than 15 years of experience in providing innovative telematics tracking solutions, specialising in the public sector. All 40 of Trackyou’s staff will join Radius.

Bill Holmes, chief executive at Radius Payment Solutions, said: “Radius has acquired an exciting technology company with an outstanding track record of research and development in telematics.

“The purchase allows Radius to rapidly expand into the larger fleet segment where Trackyou has great experience."

“We feel our brands and systems align really well and by acquiring Trackyou we’re confident we can offer one of the best range of telematics solutions on the market.”

The move is part of the recent growth plans for Radius, which includes the opening of a new tech centre in Manchester and its expansion into South East Asia, where it has opened offices in Singapore and Malaysia.

Radius was established over 25 years ago, and has almost 800 people in 13 countries.