THE chief constable of Cheshire Police has been accused of ‘lacking self-control and exhibiting volatile, unpredictable and offensive behaviour' ahead of a gross misconduct hearing later this year.

Simon Byrne was suspended last April after an investigation was launched into allegations he breached the standards of professional behaviour set out by the force.

At the time Cheshire's police and crime commissioner David Keane, who is also a councillor for Penketh and Cuerdley, said it was in the public interest for Mr Byrne to be suspended from the force until a gross misconduct hearing takes place.

According to documents posted on the police and crime commissioner’s website, the police boss allegedly ‘displayed a short temper, a lack of tolerance and engaged in angry outbursts and aggressive attacks upon subordinate staff which created an intimidating, hostile and humiliating environment for staff in the ACPO office’.

In the 21-page report, Mr Byrne is accused of ‘displaying anger' where he 'began to spit, wave his arms in the air and turned red in the face’ while on another occasion he allegedly showed a ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ character and ‘a lack of tolerance’.

It is also alleged that he missed vital meetings, conferences and events, wasting tax payers' money as tickets has already been purchased. 

In a conversation involving four work colleagues about flooding across the county in September 2015, he is accused of becoming aggressive towards subordinate officers.

The report added: “You were angry, aggressive and unable to contain personal emotion. 

“You raised the issue after you had been late for work and your son had late for school for reasons relating to flooding. 

“During an irate phone call to an inspector you demanded that she arrange a meeting. 

“During the call you lost your temper and demanded to know why the force had not declared a major incident due to the weather. 

“You shouted at the inspector that your son was going to be late for his first day at high school due to the floods.”

Mr Byrne is also accused of criticising a colleague’s hair clip as it did not conform to the force’s uniform standards and allowing his children to use his work iPad and later blaming the device’s technical problems on the IT department. 

From September 17, 2015, it is also claimed Mr Byrne ‘exhibited daily mood swings following the rejection of his application for the post of chief constable of Greater Manchester Police’.

A misconduct hearing will be held at Warrington Town Hall from April 16 to 27.

DCC Constable Janette McCormick stepped up to the role of acting chief constable in his absence.