NEW signs are going up across the borough to remind people of Cheshire East Council’s new beefed-up powers to crack down on dog fouling and control.

Introduced in November to ‘overwhelming public support’, the tougher Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) controls are a bid to help keep parks, nature reserves and open spaces pleasant for all.

Under the PSPO, the council can fine those who fail to pick up after their dog in all public places and tell a dog walker to put their dog on a lead it shows aggressive behaviour.

Fixed penalty notices of £100 can be issued, with failure to pay potentially leading to prosecution and fines of up to £1,000.

New signs are now being installed to remind people of the new rules.

Fiona Reynolds, director of public health for Cheshire East Council, said: “We want everyone to enjoy the Cheshire East countryside and make the most of our beautiful parks, nature reserves and open spaces this spring.

“To ensure areas are safe and clean for everyone to use, we have to be strict about asking dog owners to keep their dogs under control and to pick up after their dog. Failing to do this could see dog owners fined between £100 and £1,000 under the new PSPO.

“Most people are very responsible when walking their dogs and are happy to keep to these simple rules and we thank them for helping us to maintain pleasant green spaces for all to enjoy.”

Cheshire East Council has a statutory duty to keep land clear of litter and refuse, and a duty of care for dealing with waste.

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