THE government has released its first serious violence strategy following a spike in violent crime.

The strategy sets out the response to recent increases in knife crime, gun crime and homicide.

It focuses on law enforcement but also looks at the root cause of the problem.

David Keane, Cheshire police and crime commissioner, said: “Over recent years we have seen an increase in the number of violent crimes in Cheshire where knives or offence weapons have been used.

“Although, thankfully, the majority of these attacks haven’t resulted in death, a number of individuals have sustained life changing injuries which will have a long-lasting effect on their lives and their families’ lives.

“It’s time that we put an end to these violent crimes and I am supportive of any initiative which seeks to reduce the amount of people harmed in our communities.

“I am pleased to see that one of the ways the government’s Serious Violence Strategy looks to address the issue is by providing funding for community run early intervention projects that help young people stay away from violence.

“As commissioner, I am committed to funding local youth justice and victim support services, which ensure perpetrators understand the result of their actions and victims are given the right support.

“Although reducing violent crime cannot be left to the police alone, it is evident that the continued reduced resources and funding for local police services is having an effect on the increased number of crimes committed on our streets.

“Our thin blue line has already reached breaking point, despite us already doing a huge amount to reduce the spend of the force. I would like to see the current government commit to providing the resources police forces need to put the right steps in place to reduce violent crimes.”