Several weeks ago I had a meeting with local MP Esther McVey.

She’s a smart lady and was anxious to learn public opinion on the various issues facing her constituents.

Unsurprisingly the performance of Cheshire East Council was top of the agenda with the never-ending list of executive suspensions and the numerous ‘ongoing’ police investigations.

When I told Ms McVey the public had lost faith, she was quite receptive until I mentioned the possibility of putting CEC in special measures.

There followed a defence worthy of Kavanagh QC. The main thrust of this was not to worry, as from here on CEC will be monitored closely by the government.

The implication was that government scrutiny and the threat of special measures would ensure the improved performance of CEC.

I also conferred with Macclesfield MP David Rutley and surprise surprise, he gave me a similar speech.

So here we are, and despite the laser-like eye of the Tory government monitoring our council, we are up to our neck in fake air quality data, have another additional investigation by Cheshire Police, no reported progress whatsoever in the vastly expensive suspension of CEC’s top management and to cap it all the chairman of the investigation panel has himself been suspended.

The Derek Hatton administration in all its ignominy could do no worse.

Private Eye is having an absolute field day with CEC making us the laughing stock of the country.

I considered it time to contact Ms McVey again and ask that she follow through on her implied threat to place CEC into special measures.

I suggested that residents deserved no less (seeing as they are footing the bill).

While I received an automatic acknowledgement of my communication, I received no response of any kind from Ms McVey.

I think that the chances of a Tory government suspending a Tory council in what has hitherto been a very ‘safe seat’ is not on the cards.

There may be genuine fear that once the local Tory council is ousted from office it may never be re-elected and a Tory Government hanging by a thread would not welcome that scenario.

I believe that had Cheshire East been a Labour council it would have been suspended months ago, but there appears nothing the Government will not do to prop up this failing Tory council, whatever residents might want It’s not special measures that will sort out Cheshire’s special forces.

By our columnist Vic Barlow